We Have a Big Trip Logo!

March 15th, 2010

Neal and I have similar design tastes, but for both of us, it runs in two different directions. We like the elegance of Mid-century modern design and we like the romance of shabby chic design. The Japanese version of shabby chic is called wabi-sabi. It’s fun to say, but it’s also meaningful to think about.

Wabi means humble and Sabi is about the beauty of age. So wabi-sabi is an appreciation of the beauty of aging. If you look at an old brick wall in a loft and think it’s beautiful, you’re synced to the wabi-sabi thing.

What kind of bigtrip would you go on? Sometimes the big trip is just across the city.

The logo we chose is SO wabi-sabi. It’s inspired by a simple American road sign, a meme a lot of people went with–a shocking number, actually. This one stood out because it’s worn. It has character and it looks like it has a story to tell. It’s kind of like the Fish Wharf video we did. Whitney has a story I would like to know more about, and the logo we chose represents what we want to take away from the trip. We want to have a hundred or more Whitney stories…rough around the edges and shiny at the core.

Duke Beattie is the winning designer. He’s an IT consultant based in Arizona who specializes in bridging the gap between techie developer types and business executive types. He will be receiving an AT&T Palm Centro courtesy of Palm, dinner on us when we pass through Arizona, and our constant praise for making a logo we love. Very interesting side note on Duke: Can you believe that he spent several years before doing design work as a Louisiana maritime lawyer, working Jones Act cases in the Gulf? He built the Louisiana site at that link. Sometimes it takes a weird lawyer-artist combo to get to the oh so elusive state of wabi-sabi. Maybe that’s his secret sauce – maritime attorney turned artist finds the cool of shabby chic. So perfect!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to make and submit a design. You guys rock!

When Duke Beattie looks at storing his designs or delivering them to his customers, he does not think twice about the company he relies on most. This justifies why Duke uses the company so much and why he has been such a happy customer for years.

Happy customers make the world go around & this is not a fact that goes un-noticed by those involved in the process. They are all happy to serve at the convenience of the customer & do everything necessary to make it a great experience.

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