We took a few hours getting to know the boat that first time around. It was huge. Like a whole little floating resort in the middle of the ocean. First I want to tell you about the fun. We had an 8 year old who just loved the pool and the water slides. That’s right. There was a whole set up. I enjoyed an afternoon on the waterslide with the boy myself. I just couldn’t hold back. Right by the pool there are 2 bars that you can go to. There are also a number of waiters and waitresses that are happy to bring the drinks out to you while you relax. We sat by the pool and read (slept) in the sun with an umbrella drink for a good amount of time.

Next we move on to the food. There was a buffet that you could eat at for a good portion of the day. It opened up around meal time everyday but it was not nearly the best of the food. By the buffet there was a 24 hour pizzeria. They would make you calzones or pizza at any hour, day or night. Not too far from there we found a Guy Fieri burger joint right next to a fresh made burrito and taco stand. These, like the buffet, would open up at regular intervals throughout the day. They were great. I ate at both of them almost every day. The best of the food is still to be discussed though. Every night there was a sit down dinner with a menu of fantastic fresh cooked meals. They were restaurant quality and we did eat in there every single night. It had the best food in my opinion… Needless to say we all over ate the whole time.

The cruise was set up for people to bring their kids. They had a camp ocean set up to babysit and entertain at no extra charge for much of each day. They did the best they could because it is hard to entertain little ones when they know their parents are out doing something else. They get F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out) even if they are doing something better. He felt the pull between being in there with other kids and activities or being with us but he was very happy the whole trip to have such a wonderful problem to deal with.

We had a fun day at sea the first full day. Then we went to Catalina Island the second full day of the trip. The third and final full day of the trip was in Ensenada Mexico. There was plenty of shopping to do there. We all came back with arm loads of great souvenirs. Best trip ever…