I took a big trip of my own this year. It was the first time I made it out of America. I had a great time with my family. We went down to Mexico on a cruise. I haven’t ever gotten to go on too many vacations so It was very special for me. My girl has been out of the country a couple times. Once she went to China for 2 weeks. She said it was awesome but I didn’t get to go on that one. As a matter of fact until this trip we have only gone to the beaches in California from time to time for vacations together. Even better than all that we got to take her 8 year old grandson with us for the trip and he had a blast.

We started the whole thing off with a road trip from Las Vegas to Long Beach. I know what you are thinking and you are right, that is not much of a road trip but you are forgetting that I said we had an 8 year old with us so that 5 hour trip (including stops) was about all we could handle. By the time it was over, we were all ready for it to be over… Anyway, we got to long beach and parked the car. Then we went on a sight seeing trip around the St. Mary (Haunted Cruise Ship) to see what we could see. We also went up to the top of the parking structure to get some good pictures of our boat the Carnival Inspiration.

When it came time to board we got our bags out of the trunk and lined up. It was pretty organized for having so many people to get on the ship in a set amount of time. The had us line up in 20 small lines and worked through those small lines to get the bags checked and our boarding cards in hand. It only took about 45 minutes before we were actually stepping on board. Because we carried our own bags on the ship we took them straight to the room and left them there while we went to explore the boat. The room was a bit of a mess when we left because of the whole process and our being in a hurry to explore but we figured we could straighten up when we got back.

Little did we know, every time we left the room the steward would go in and straighten it up for you. They would make sure it was tidy. They would pick up anything left on the floor, they would leave a chocolate with the turn down service and we just loved the different towel animals we got each night.