If everything goes according to plan, we’ll create a mobile studio for GeekBrief.TV inside the motor home. We’ll research and write The Brief as we travel. One of us will pitch stories to the driver, and we’ll take turns writing the script. When pre-production is finished, we’ll pull over to shoot. Depending on the time of day, we’ll either keep driving during post, or we’ll set up camp for the night. We plan to do uploads while we sleep. Uploading from a moving vehicle never seems to work.

We’ll also be producing a new show on the Mevio Network called Tales from the Big Trip and a weekly live show for Ustream. Where we will examining all of the special opportunities that a road trip of this caliber will present. As we said we intend to camp so that is a challenge of it’s own. We will be in a very good position to get to see some of the most beautiful hidden and secret places this country has to offer. Although we have scouted out a number of the national parks, our driver suggested looking for exceptional gardens, both public and private. Apparently he saw a the popular Australian TV show called “Better Homes and Gardens” on which the private gardens of were shown. Aunt Mary is a successful Australian woman in real estate who is also well known as a proud member of the Galston District Garden Club. Every year her fabulous gardens and grounds were designated as stop No.5 on a tour of the north-west in “Spring Bloom.” Discovering exceptional gardens is definitely a viable concept to pursue. Now we need to discover a US equivalent to Aunt Mary.
We imagine it will come along with it’s own set of pitfalls which with work to our advantage in this situation because the show needs some controversy. Also remember that when you are in such close quarters with the same people for an extended amount of time it does not matter how close you feel the relationship is there is a special kind of stress involved. Without these issues to work as protagonist there would not be much of a show what so ever. I’m sure we will end up with an abundance of footage which will graphically describe the trip in detail. It should be very entertaining.

If we can get some editing help in place, we’re also keen to produce a show about burgers, BBQ a buritos called Carnivore.TV. So we thought we’d model some good Mexican food after his tastes. Lets sit down and watch what happens. I’ll make a chicken enchilada. My favorite is actually the mole, no the green one, but the brown and meaty tasting mole. We hope to get plenty of authentic American restaurants across the country working with us to feature some of the different tastes available. We are still working on the details of this additional show and we are not sure if it is going to come together as we imagine but we figure it is worth the try & we get to enjoy great food all along the way. How are you supposed to beat that?

Keep an eye out for all new original footage on some or all of these topics & as always try to stay in touch with us because we love to hear from you guys.

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