Roadblock #2 – The Man

April 4th, 2008

Just finishing tying up some loose ends. I’ve been researching and finally found an online site that sells all sorts of janitorial supplies. I wanted to get a great deal on toilet paper and paper multi-fold towels for our trip. The site I found, CleanItSupplies, sells both wholesale and retail with great prices on all their products. Cali particularly liked the fact that they offered a number of eco-friendly, “green” products as well as fragrance free, dye /chemical free paper goods.

One loose end tied off…but there are several more including finding an e-commerce site that sells fake diamond rings. I know that sounds cheap, but what I am really looking for is a diamond looking ring that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg as an anniversary present for Cali. Bingo, I found a site called SterlingForever, that fits the bill. They offer reasonably priced, yet great looking engagement, wedding, and regular glitzy rings made from a synthetic gemstone called cubic zirconia. In their PR they say “Sterling Forever’s highly coveted collection of cz rings are made up of high quality, genuine .925 sterling silver.” And let me tell you, I would never, ever be able to tell the difference between real diamond set rings and their cubic zirconia rings. The prices were terrific, so not only did I buy a ring, but also a matching necklace set with cubic zirconia stones. And neither looked like they were fake anything! Another loose end tied up.

This may or may not turn out to be a getting started issue, but we’re trying to fix it before we find out for sure. Several years ago, Cali lost her social security card. We were doing something that required our social security numbers, and I questioned whether or not our numbers could start with the same number. My question made Cali question what she knew to be her number and she transposed the first number in the series.

When she applied for her first credit card, she used the transposed number. Time passed, she got a replacement card, realized the discrepancy and she’s been working to fix it ever since.

Cali has perfect credit, but it’s tied to the incorrect social security number. She’s contacted creditors and credit bureaus. They say it’s all been fixed, but when they contact each other in writing, it hasn’t. In writing, she keeps getting a notice that says her information cannot be verified. If she tries to get an online payday loans she may have trouble with credit verification. This is just one scenario where there could be an issue.

Before we can buy an RV, we have to get this figured out, but without being able to talk to someone with the power to listen, it feels hopeless. Gramma Tooti did us a huge one, and flew out on an executive jet charter to help with our finances. Before we discussed our issues I spoke with the Gramma Tooti folks about their charter jet flight since I really didn’t understand how they could make such fast arrangements. I have to tell you, a private jet charter is the way to go. First of all you don’t have to deal with a crowded terminal, or stand in long ticket or security lines. The departure time is arranged around your schedule and needs. The executive jet charter plane they flew in sounded fabulous with roomy seats, catered food along with other amenities. Although I have never flown first class, this was definitely numerous levels in comfort above even that. The boarding location for private jet charter flight passengers is a totally different facility from a commercial airline terminal. I would be spoiled for life when it comes to airplane travel if I could afford executive jet charter flights every time! Anyway, discussing their trip was a nice diversion, but we needed to address the problems at hand.

The credit system is so flawed here. How can it be that hard to fix what seems to us like it should be no problem. I am who I say I am. I have the paperwork to prove it. Just adjust my credit to reflect to change. It is not really fair that such a minor indiscretion could jeopardize the entire trip. Not only does this effect one credit bureau but all three so when we work on getting it fixed it is like we have to do everything in triplicates. It’s like having the same argument with three people at the same time. The worst part is that everything takes so long to do. You send a letter then wait. Once they respond it is in their good time and they are only responding to let you know they will look into it. Months and months can pass this way. There is no way to simply call someone to discuss it or to send them the documentation & expect that they fix the problem. There always seems to be red tape & another issue. They always seem to need more information or another verification of identity. It is such a struggle to get one of these companies to take care of an issue & when you finally do there are still 2 more waiting to do the same thing to you.

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