People keep asking what they can do to support The Big Trip. Here’s one way…

Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage came to mind, except that we don’t need nearly a million dollars. We purchased his script, cut the value in half and gave 10% of the ad space to Heifer International (our favorite charity).

The minimum pixel ad is 10X10 and the price is $50. When you scroll over a pixel ad, a larger more descriptive ad appears and the pixels link to a Website.

To provide extra advertising value, everyone who buys pixels will receive an ad in rotation on all the Web sites we own (GeekBrief.TV,,, and For each block you purchase, you’ll get one rotation, so the more blocks you buy, the more often your ad will show up.

PodShow is working with us to get advertising support for the shows we’ll be producing on the road, but we wanted to make some ad opportunities accessible to everyone.

There will be lots of ways to help that won’t cost any money, and I’ll be talking about those as we get closer to the trip.
If you have any questions, email me (cali [at] bigtrip dot tv).

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us in the past with fundraising. We want to let you know that your support really helps us be able to bring this project together. We would like to think that we offer a very valuable service. We know that the loyal supporters we are aware of have told us that this show has had an actual effect on their lives in one way or another. We do not think that we are changing the world but we think we are bringing the changing world to you. Without someone taking their time to gather this information & supply it in such an informative & entertaining fashion the industry would surely be the one to suffer. By ensuring the newest & best product on not only brought to light but also made available to the general public we feel that we play a small but certainly crucial role in the technology revolution which is all around us.

By supporting us in any way we want you to know that you also play a very vital role in the process. You too are having an effect on the world around you. Isn’t that what we all want is to leave the world a little better than we found it in some way? We are doing our best to accomplish that very thing & with your help we know we will be able to.

Thank you very much!

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