New Road Trip Role Models

March 14th, 2008

While Neal has been searching online for a Neoplan Spaceliner, I have been looking into the best prices for Raquel Welch wigs. You might not know unless I’ve mentioned it in other posts, but I am really into wigs. I particularly like the incredibly beautifully styled and meticulously crafted Raquel Welch wigs. Although they have both synthetic hair and human hair wig styles, I am more inclined to buy their heat and styling friendly Tru2Life fiber wigs since it makes styling options almost limitless. Because of the heat friendly properties of Raquel Welch’s synthetic “Tru2Life” style-able fibers I can straightened, or curl the wig for dramatic changes in my look.

Many of her wigs have a lace front with a monofilament crown that allows off the face styling and parting versatility. You have no idea what a difference those two cap construction elements make for a more natural looking wig. When you see a women with a fabulous head of hair and wonder if she might be wearing a wig, off the face hair styling can really trick you into thinking it’s her own hair. Lots of wig styles have some sort of bangs that hide the front edge of a wig. To me that’s one of the red flags and a “no-no” as far as wig styles go. Once we have bought a Neoplan Spaceliner you can bet that I will post pics of me in my stylish Raquel Welch wig and the Neoplan Spaceliner on Facebook. Keep posted!

One of the first buses Neal found for sale was a Neoplan Spaceliner and it looks every bit as cool as the name suggests.

The galley and bathrooms (two toilets & no shower) are on the first level and the second area is all opened with panoramic views. There’s also a guest/driver bunk on the first level. It would make an amazing mobile studio for GBTV, but there are so many downsides, we keep moving away from this as an option.

The model pictured is a 1997 model with a Series 60 Engine with an Automatic Allison World 6-speed Transmission. The price is $200,000 which seems expensive for a bus with 463,718 miles. It would require extensive renovation because it’s currently outfitted for passengers. Another major downside is that Neoplans, no matter how cool, are no longer made and parts are not easy to replace.

We keep going back to this one particular bus, though because nothing looks as special.

Last night we were doing research on Neoplans and we came across a couple of fellow geeks who live full time in a converted Neoplan they call the Odyssey. Sean Welsh and Louise Hornor are engineers and their story about getting the bus stuck in the parking lot of Louise’s Unitarian Universalist Church is hilarious. Apparently Unitarian congregations have quite a few engineers in the ranks and they all tried what they could to unstick the bus.

Details about their bus, their story and their trip are documented at

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