Everything Must Go!

February 26th, 2008

Cali and I have been married for nine years and getting rid of stuff is something we just don’t do well. To prepare for the Big Trip, though, we either have to let go of stuff, OR put it in storage. We’ve decided to let go. One of the things I won’t let go of is accepting the inevitable of growing old with all the depressing symptoms that accompany it. I simple decided that age management medicine was my best option to remain an active, virile man. There was no way I was going to succumb to those andropause symptoms of low libido, erectile problems, loss of muscle mass, mood swings, low energy, and lose of mental acuity. In my head I am still a man in my late thirties, why should my body be that of a slightly paunchy, irritable middle aged man in his early 60’s?

Since we were getting rid of a lot of old hoarded stuff in the house and garage, why not get rid of my “old age” symptoms? I was disappointed to learn that my health insurance wouldn’t cover my medical expenses including the doctor’s visit, the blood tests and physical exam, along with the monthly follow up visits with more blood tests. Well I think it’s all worth it. I now have the energy to sort through all the crates and cardboard boxes.

Our pets look at us as if we are crazy. Fortunately for them we have installed large dog doors so they can leave us to our sorting while they go out to the back yard to romp and play. Whoever invented dog doors was a true friend of pets, both cats and dogs. Our dogs’ door is an electronic dog door that is collar activated using RFID technologies. Our dogs wear a collar key that opens the door when they want out or in. We don’t have to worry about keeping unwanted animals such as skunks, racoons and feral cats out of our house which is an issue for some folks with just a regular pet door. It’s great not to be distracted by our dogs when they need or want to go outside. Although it probably would be good for us to have an excuse for break. But we really need to finish organizing, packing, and trashing. Time is getting short.

As we go through boxes, we’re discovering little gems of obsolete technology and software. We threw away some software last night, and it was emotional. One application I just couldn’t throw out is called Drumbeat 2000. It made it possible for visual designers to build powerful database driven Web sites. We bought it right after we were first married and it was the most expensive software I ever purchased. It also had a really steep learning curve.

After we figured it out, it was such an elegant solution. Macromedia bought it and killed it. When I could no longer find drivers and patches to make it work on newer computers, I stopped developing Web sites professionally. So this disc with software on it is so much more to me than just an application. I have an emotional attachment, so I’m keeping the Drumbeat disc, but everything else…we’re selling everything else.

Other things are easy to sell. Toys and gadgets we’ve accumulated since we started Geek Brief are easy to let go of because we have to make room for new toys and gadgets related to the Trip. We’re selling all of our computers and using that money to upgrade. We need more power!

Then there’s my chair. I LOVE my chair. I’m keeping the Drumbeat disc, I’m keeping the dogs and I’m keeping my chair, but everything else must go.

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