Let’s not forget one of the favorites of the show, the personal communication device or cell phone. There are ever growing advancements in the technologies that are included with the cell phone. In this day and age talking on the device has really taken a back seat to some of the other uses. Let’s take for example the GPS device. Technology has advanced to the point where everyone with a cell phone can be located to within a relatively few feet of their position and then given directions to any destinations they may choose. This technology has single handily ended the need to stop and ask for directions when in a car or on foot. Many companies use this technology all the time with their drivers. Many cab drivers in cities use GPS directions when they pick up a passenger. Technology is great, until it doesn’t work! On the other hand, if you have a cell / GPS signal when you are not familiar with where you are, it easy to pull out your handy smart phone and look up where you are! I’ve done this lots of time s when I am in an unfamiliar city and have been just wandering around and then want to return to my hotel and have no idea where I am!

Of course I should probably mention the ability to text with one’s cell phone. Many young teens probably don’t remember when you couldn’t use a cell phone to text. I remember not so long ago when I received a most disconcerting text from a friend who wanted help in finding a website where he could buy an STD testing kit. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t already done a google search, but as a good friend I looked up a few sites and then quickly texted him back this particular site: www.std-test-kits.org. The information was straight forward as was the ability to buy. The testing accuracy, although not 100%, was between 95%-98%. He wouldn’t have to go to a doctor unless the test showed positive or if there were any obvious symptoms that persisted. I wished him luck.

What about the games associate with the cell phones now. With the advancement of technology games are much more prevalent in the technology. There are applications which join together thousands of players allowing people from every end of the earth to play the same game with one another. It is amazing. This does not mention the countless other applications associated with the cell phone. You can read practically any book you would like on your phone. You can use apps to do so many varied things now it is hard to even stay on top of them all. The most attractive feature for many people on the cell phone is the camera. Until quality cameras were place on cell phones many of the day to day events that were noteworthy in a persons life went undocumented because they have no picture taking equipment. This is no longer the case. Almost every new phone has a camera of some sort & now the cameras on phones are reaching a quality that rivals some if not all cameras available on the market today.

Another main feature at C.E.S. is the automobile trade. There are cars of every make & model modeling all of the technological advancement in the past year. There is really some ground breaking stuff sometime. You can expect to find domestic & foreign cars all showing off the best of what they have to offer. This is a great time to address not only drivability & comfort features but also features which help to make the vehicle green or special in some other way. You never know exactly what to expect when it comes right down to it.

If you get the chance & have access to the show make sure to come join us & if you have some new product or gadget register it to be in the 2014 show for free until 09/06/13.

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