Consumer Electronics Show is an annual event which occurs on the strip in Las Vegas NV. It is invitation only & always has the best electronics on the market as well as ground breaking technology on the rise. It is enjoyable because not only do you get to see demonstrations of the equipment but in a lot of cases you get to actually use it as well. There are always new toys, computer products, personal security even video games. Pretty much anything which uses advanced technology will be displayed there. It is not hard to get in you have to be related to the industry or have a product in the show. The event draws people from all over the world not only to view the new equipment but also to release & display it as well. If you just have to find out what is new in technology every year there is no doubt you will be in Las Vegas at C.E.S.

WHile you are here in Las Vegas, we encourage you to explore the city and well as the surrounding area. The Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon are two day trip destinations that are not to be missed. If yo have time to do some hiking at the higher altitudes or decide to descend to the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon, be aware the temperatures can drop precipitously. We recommend fleece jackets from NorthFace. The North Face company has some amazing outdoor equipment and clothing to pursue outdoor adventures. And if you choose to just stay in Las Vegas, a light weight and even heavier fleece jacket is handy to have since the night time temperatures in our colder months can dip down into the mid 40’s. Yes, folks, it can get that cold.

This year we are looking forward to meeting the new video games as well as the new console releases. These new consoles are much more than any video game in the past has been. The new technology allows for such in depth game design & advances world simulations that you can literally lose yourself in the game given the chance. Both Xbox & Play Station are releasing there next generation console in November just in time for the holiday rush. These consoles will be very comparable in many ways but those of us who are familiar with the brands know the consoles are really nothing alike. They are trying to take as many steps in opposite directions as possible while still existing in the same arena. Most people who have an earlier edition of these brands consoles know first hand what the differences are. You know that they are both very capable of game play.

Most people have already made up their mind which way they are going. They have grown more comfortable with either the Xbox or Playstation & do not want to test the water & who could blame them. Brand loyalty in this day is a great thing to see. I for one can not wait to get my hands on the new Playstation. That does not mean that endorse one over the other. As a matter of fact I have played both & I feel they are too close to call but the controller for the Playstation feels better in my hand. I have many friends who feel the exact opposite & can not wait to handle the new Xbox equipment.

Either way it is going to be an exciting Christmas for kids of all ages…

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