The Big Trip

We’ve had a longterm goal to visit all 50 states in an RV and this is the year to go for it. We’ll be producing GeekBrief.TV episodes along the way in addition to travel stories about the adventure.

Geek Brief is most fun when we’re able to introduce ourselves and our viewers to astounding technology research that will impact our lives in the future. Growing up, we were influenced by TV shows like Mr. Wizard and 3-2-1 Contact. We would like our shows from the road to create the same kind of memories.

•    Phase One was Formalizing the Idea
•    Phase Two is Hardcore Planning
•    Phase Three will be Geeking Out the Bus or RV
•    Phase Four will be Hitting the Road.

We hope to hit the road by September.

If anyone would like to contribute to this effort, we welcome ideas and are open to changes in our itinerary to include them. The whole point of this exercise is a focus on adventure, serendipity, scenery, food, landmarks, and while we have a good handle on much of this, we would like to hear from you if you have suggestions. Especially stuff that’s unusual and fun. We want to this trip to be a celebration of America and all the goodies found in the heartland and every day communities. Country, city, waterfronts – the whole shooting match.

Would appreciate technological expertise in image gathering – camera suggestions, anyone? We’re using many different tools for editing and recording – each of us has our favorite toys, but we’re willing to experiment if we hear good reviews on particular products/software.

Let the good times roll!

** Update **

The trip went great we were able to accomplish all of our major goals & found lots of new & exciting ideas & products to cover on the show. Not only was GeekBrief.TV a success but we also got some awesome coverage of the trip & plenty of stories of adventure as well. Let me tell you that everything did not go as planned. We came across our fair share of troubles but with a little teamwork & a lot of effort everything came out fine in the end. Along the way we met a lot of new friends. We tried some new things which we enjoyed greatly & we saw some thing that we never imagined we would get the chance to see. This kind of a trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity & we recommend something like this to everyone we speak to.

If you make it a goal to see the country you can accomplish the same thing even if it is done to a smaller scale over a longer time frame because we know that what we did is not logistical for everybody.

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