The Trip from Brief to Beat

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Long-time followers of Cali Lewis and company no doubt already know this, but for the rest: BigTripTV is no longer a project of (, probably because GeekBriefTV itself is no more. What a shame. There are so many viewers out there that were pretty disappointed. But that’s how things go…

To be specific, the last episode of GeekBrief was back in June (2010), after which the contact with Mevio was no more (“business issues” is the stated cause, but you’d have to ask insiders for a more detailed list of causes). Wonder what the causes were? More investigation would help us find the answers… if there are any.

The good news is that June of 2010 saw the inauguration of (…which is, for all intents and purposes, GeekBriefTV. Apart from a slightly more streamlined approach (and, of course, a slightly altered name), you’ll have trouble telling the difference. And why wouldn’t you if everything that you liked about the former is present in the latter.

Obviously, tech takes center stage, but it’s the unique personality of the host that makes the experience what it is. The personality and the interests always make a good host, or a good business partner. People are always more drawn to individuals who stay healthy. We’re not trying to discriminate here, just give you some info…

Learn all you want to know about technology. Learn about the new gadgets available. Keep an eye on what’s new in the field. All while enjoying a finely produced & very entertaining show. If you like to know what’s going on in the world of technology the you have to catch this show to see what we are talking about.

There are many fans of the show & they communicate much of what is covered by the host. Many of the things that have been featured in the show have been brought to the attention of the staff through viewers & enthusiasts. If there is anything you want to know more about make a request. They may already have something on the topic & if they don’t you can be sure they will begin to construct some useful information immediately…

The show is on every few days at least, sometimes more often & it covers a range of topics. Most of the stuff on the show is pretty cool & again it’s always entertaining because the host, Cali Lewis is just great at what she does. Tune in for all of the latest tips, trends, gadgets & downright cool stuff.

Special thanks to the host, staff & production team for putting off such a great & entertaining show.

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