About The Big Trip
We’ve had a longterm goal to visit all 50 states in an RV and this is the year to go for it. We’ll be producing GeekBrief.TV episodes along the way in addition to travel stories about the adventure.
Geek Brief is most fun when we’re able to introduce ourselves and our viewers to astounding technology research […]
The thing that makes the big trip the BIG TRIP is that we’re going to visit all 50 States and Canada. The original idea was to visit all 50 States in a year. Based on some initial google maps routing, it looks like the entire route will be as long as 35,000 (not including the […]
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The Shows
If everything goes according to plan, we’ll create a mobile studio for GeekBrief.TV inside the motor home. We’ll research and write The Brief as we travel. One of us will pitch stories to the driver, and we’ll take turns writing the script. When pre-production is finished, we’ll pull over to shoot. Depending on the time […]
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We want recommendations for unique places to eat, and we’re looking for recommendations in each of the 5 Basic Food Groups:
BBQ, Burgers, Buritos, Pizza and Seafood. There is a blog post for each category, and we would love it if you would leave information about your favorite places in the comment section of the appropriate.

Traveling across hot, dry locations requires serious awareness of the need to hydrate. We know we’ll be passing though locations with well known and perhaps not well-known natural spring and spas. We plan to carry a lot of bottled spring water on our Big Trip, but plan to stop at such places as Sarasota Springs in NY, Healing Springs in South Carolina, and Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas where we’ve been told that people line up waiting to fill up a trunk-load of water jugs with what many say is a health elixir. We might stop off in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia where it’s been said that they hold the largest water tasting competition in the world! We’ll pick up some Eldorado Natural Spring Water when we pass through Eldorado in Colorado, Denton Spring Water from North East, Maryland, and Agana Rainwater from Buda, Texas. Hey, bottled rainwater sounds pretty cool. So you folks out there give us some more suggestions for either natural spring water locations or towns/ cities that have unique bottled water.

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People keep asking what they can do to support The Big Trip. Here’s one way…
Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage came to mind, except that we don’t need nearly a million dollars. We purchased his script, cut the value in half and gave 10% of the ad space to Heifer International (our favorite charity).
The minimum pixel […]

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